Platform Using instruction

Dear Visitors,

Here we will discuss with you to get started and use our platform.


1. type www.shopsello.com

2. Click register on the top right corner

3. Fill up the form with your username and password

4. Upon submission you need to fill up additional information about yourself 

5. Submit

Note the more detailed you are the better. People who intend to buy online want to know whom they communicate with. they even search your name on social media to make sure they are connecting with the right person.. 


You can register an account too (optional) but whenever you inquire about any product or services you are required to fill up a form. our recommendation is to search for any items that interested you.. then check the seller's profile.

Communicate with them via email, WhatsApp or direct call them. The sellers are there ready to accept your inquiries and orders. to avoid any problem in the future like on any platform we suggest you read our Anti Scam page.

 We want both sellers and buyers to have good communication and fully understand what they inn. And be happy.....